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Shameless selfie because I bought my first "mom bod" swim suit today. And I finally feel the self love. I haven't bought a swim suit since getting pregnant with Nora mostly because my body felt so foreign. And I kept trying to make it feel like something it just wasn't. But Dean has been so supportive, thinks I'm hot and loves ALL of me. So it's time I did too. I have Nora and Wren watching how I look at myself and treat my body. They deserve for me to love me and to grow up loving their bodies.

It really is hard when it's such a quick and drastic change. So I'm taking it one day at a time, finding peace with where I am and sending love to the areas I'm not proud of. Because this body made two really neat babies and I can't fault it for that. Your body is magic mama. 

-Hillary, @hillarymeadows 

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