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    Q: Can I refund/return my order(s)?

    A: Unfortunately, due to the small nature of our company, we do not accept refunds or returns. That includes clothing and accessories.

    Q: Can I exchange my item(s)?

    A: If the shirt you ordered does not fit how you imagined and you want a different size, you may exchange it if we have the stock to do so. Although, we do our best to describe the fit of each shirt. When you click on each product in our shop, you will see the measurements, material, style and sizing recommendations. As long as the shirt has not been worn, washed or damaged, you may ship it back, and we will send you a new size. If the shirt has been discontinued, or we are sold out, unfortunately an exchange cannot be made. Email us with any questions you may have regarding exchanges: freethemother@gmail.com. 

    Q: How soon will my item(s) ship after ordering?

    A: Your package will ship within 3-5 business days after ordering.

    Q: Do you ship internationally?

    A: Yes! We are based in the United States, but we can ship to anywhere you are!

    Q: How much does shipping cost?

    A: Depends on where you are located. If you want to find out the price, add the item you want to your cart, and start checking out. You will find out how much shipping will cost before you actually place your order.

    Q: Do you do wholesale?

    A: We definitely can! Email us for more information: freethemother@gmail.com.

    Q: When will you restock in my size?

    A: If we are sold out of your size, fear not! We are constantly working on restocks. Check out instagram.com/freethemother for restock updates!

    Q: What does Moon Mother mean?

    A: We probably get this question every day. "Moon Mother" means something different to everyone! Textbook speaking, it's old symbolism, pertaining to femininity and childbearing women. But everyone connects with "moon mother" differently! 

    Q: I have a personal motherhood story I want to submit. Where do I send it?

    A: Great! Email it to us: freethemother@gmail.com. We will feature it on our blog! Remember, it can be about anything related to pregnancy/motherhood. Uncensored, anonymous or not!

    Q: I heard you don't up-charge for larger size shirts. Is that true?

    A: Yes, that is true! Typically, companies up-charge on shirt sizes 2XL and up. We here at Free the Mother don't believe in that. Whether you are purchasing a medium or a 3XL, they are both the same price! All mothers who shop with us are treated equally and with love and respect.