Breaking News: Free the Mother Has a Podcast!

Breaking News: Free the Mother Has a Podcast!

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Hey guys it's your internet mom friend, Kristin (aka owner/founder of Free the Mother). I am stoked to announce that the Free the Mother podcast is here!! If you know me, you know that I am an elder emo with tattoos, rainbow hair, and drinks coffee with pretty much every meal. I used to hold back a lot. I used to be afraid to use my voice, but as I've gotten older, I decided to fuck that mentality. I am going to speak up even if my voice shakes. I would have never gotten to this point in my life without the support of our FTM fam. You guys are a big part of this. You are the reason this podcast exists in the universe.

On this podcast, we get deep and talk about real shit. We talk about motherhood (obviously), relationships, sex, mental health, business and more. When you're listening, I want you to feel like you're hanging out with your best friend. I know a lot of us don't have that "village" we can go to for support, or have a group of mom friends you can feel safe with and not have to worry about being judged.

So, consider this your weekly mom friend hangout!

Things get extra spicy when we bring in special guests. So far we've had my husband and some of my closest friends on the show. Oh and did I mention, this show is completely uncensored? You know the deal around here. Nothing is sugarcoated.

Listen on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Google podcasts.

Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the show, gang!

<3 Kristin

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